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Grove Farm Approved: 6 Votes to 4.

Despite a valiant effort by the Parish Council who fronted 3 speakers objecting (Nigel Bell, Cllr Paul Whitwood & Cllr Sean Deely) out of a total of 6, the application was passed 6 to 4. A big thank you to Neale Murphy local resident and Myton ward councillor for speaking on behalf our district councillor Andrew Day, who was away on business.  Also a massive thank you to Cllr Alan Rhead ward councillor for Budbroke who spoke passionately on a number of  key points and Mrs Hodgetts representing the Community Area Forum who rasied concerns about the impact of traffic increase on heritage assets.

However, there are numerous inconsistencies, errors and missing content in both the application and officer’s report opening up a number of angles for challenge so we’re not done yet. We’ve may have lost this battle, we have not lost the war. Don’t give up, your parish councillors certainly haven’t.