Welcome to Bishop's Tachbrook

Update on bus timetable in Bishop’s Tachbrook

Following a meeting between Warwickshire County Council and a Parish Council led resident’s working group in early February, there will be no further changes to the bus timetable or route in Bishop’s Tachbrook for the foreseeable future.

The outcomes of the meeting were as follows:

  1. Plans to route bus service 77 as a loop serving Church Lees, Argyle Way, St Chads Road and Mallory Road, due to be implemented before Christmas 2016, have now been abandoned.
  2. There are no plans to revise the route of service 77 through Bishops Tachbrook in the immediate future.
  3. Factors which could bring about further change include completion of usable road access to the turning circle on Oakley Meadows and possible service enhancement in connection with substantial residential development near Gaydon and Lighthorne Heath.
  4. There is an aspiration to serve Oakley Meadows directly. There is a concern that the walking distance from parts of the development, which contains a significant level of social housing, will not encourage the use of the bus service.
  5. The favoured route of the service would be as at present with the service diverting via Oakley Wood Road and Underhill Way to the turning circle and back.
  6. There was a divergence of opinion as to whether Church Hill (north) or Church Hill (south) should be used. The use of Church Hill (north) would involve the revocation if the ‘no right turn’ into Oakley Wood Road. A speed table, together with some realignment of kerbs, is to be introduced which should render it safe for right turning traffic. The use of Church Hill (south), which is not currently a bus route between Kingsley Road and Oakley Wood Road could attract local opposition. An additional give way marking (and possibly a refuge) would be required to ensure travelling eastward along Mallory Road turning south into Church Hill yielded to traffic turning from Church Hill (north) into Church Hill (south).
  7. To achieve this aspiration would require an extra four minutes running time in each direction on service 77. This would have a negative impact on people making longer journeys between Leamington and points south of Bishops Tachbrook.
  8. It was suggested that innovative means to encourage bus use from the new homes were considered, such as free or reduced price travel for a period of time for new residents, possibly sponsored by retailers such as Sainsbury’s on Leamington Shopping Park.’
Graham Leeke proposed the Oakley Meadow development be served utilising section 106 money from Bloors.  Residents had put forward an alternative route which incorporated the dedicated bus turning circle on the new development.  However the Warwickshire County Council representative clarified the position as:
‘I have sought clarification and am assured that there is no section 106 funding towards the provision of a bus service to Oakley Meadows on the basis that existing stops in the village are considered to be within walking distance.
The existing service 77 serves a number of rural communities in south Warwickshire which already have journey times of an hour or more to Leamington. In future, there is a strong possibility that the service will increase in frequency to provide a facility for considerable residential development around Gaydon. The benefits of extending service 77 to the turning circle in Oakley Meadows in each direction will have to be weighed against the disbenefits of longer journey times for what is likely to be the majority of passengers on the service.’
In conclusion, the bus route will remain along Mallory Road for the foreseeable future.