Welcome to Bishop's Tachbrook

Meet the Stitch and Time village crafters

Bishop’s Tachbrook really is blessed with some hidden talents. Last year I uncovered a secret gem in the form of Karen Deasy of Darning Green who can repair the virtually repairable all from her home in the village.  This year a craft collective has sprung up under the name Stitch and Time with Karen and Jennifer Lord the instigators of the group.  At the moment there are six members, Karen, Jeni, Kim Drew, Glenys Tew, Maria Henson and Lily Bonarrigo but they would love to welcome more people who have an interest in sewing, stitching, tapestry, patchwork, crocheting, knitting, applique, mixed media, macramé and quite frankly anything else craft related you can think of!

Current projects include Karen knitting a child’s cardigan, Jeni doing crocheting and bunting, Kim taking clothes to pieces and putting them back together (or not!), Glenys doing tapestry and mixed media, Maria making toy monkeys and whilst Lily wasn’t able to make it the week I visited apparently she makes a mean iced bun!

The idea came about as the Stitch and Time members wanted to do something constructive and worthwhile by creating an actual end product rather than just dabbling.  By forming a group they are able to share ideas, learn from others and be more imaginative than they would as individuals.  They would even like to hold a craft party, have a craft table at fairs or have monthly trips.  There are already some talented crafters in the village, not least Kath Reason and her teddies.  Stitch and Time aims to draw them out of their hidey holes!

This group offers villagers the opportunity to meet people they wouldn’t usually meet and encourage those who don’t get out much to get out and about.  The group are happy to offer a fetch and carry service, picking people up from their homes and taking them back after the group has finished. If you would like a Stitch and Time member to pop round to your house to explain a bit more about the group they would be very happy to.   You don’t necessarily have to have your own equipment either as the group has applied for a grant for a central equipment fund.

If you’re looking to understand the Stitch and Time ethos it would be ‘Tea, natter and craft’.  Those who are good at something teach others who aren’t as good and they inspire each other.  Lily is bravely learning to knit and crochet from scratch taught by Maria is crochet connoisseur.  Karen is the sewing sensation advising Kim on her clothing creations.

Stitch and Time meets on Monday afternoons at 1pm, usually at Karen’s house but they do move around.  If you are interested in joining the group please email Karen on kmtdeasy@sky.com or call her on 07800 906886.  If there is enough interest there are plans afoot to run evening meetings to encourage those who work to get involved.